The receivables management

has its origins in American business practice. In Germany and Switzerland this only became established in the eighties. Receivables management is part of the accounting business. It also includes credit management and terms management. The often used term debtor management also includes regular accounts receivable accounting (booking of invoices, complaints, credit notes, etc.).


#1 receivables management.

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Why do you do that?

In fact, companies always provide their customers with short-term "loans", by granting value date limits and / or payment terms. The receivables management grants and manages these loans, it aims to minimize bad debts and maintain the liquidity of the company at all times.


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We also explicitly offer receivables management using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dash.

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More and more companies are transferring receivables management to collection companies like Intarium. Outsourcing reduces administrative costs with own personnel and material costs.


Intarium Forderungsmanagmenet takes over the claim management completely for you. All you have to do is create the invoices in our system and then transfer the claim management to us.


We always keep track of your outstanding debts, collect the payments and forward them directly to you or direct the customer directly to you for payment. In the payment method and the currency you have made available you are completely free.